Grocery Store Gift Cards:  An Easy way to shop and donate each time to EHS - PTSA

The EHS PTSA relies on funds from the King Soopers and Safeway Gift card program.  Please consider using a gift card to support EHS PTSA with every purchase.

With the King Soopers program, each time our organization reaches $5,000.00 on reloads for the gift cards, the EHS PTSA receives 5%.  

Total Purchase Earnings from King Soopers Money to EHS PTSA

$5,000      5%      $250.00


To receive your King Soopers or Safeway gift card and begin to earn money for the EHS - PTSA.   It’s very simple. 
Email us at :  Tell us your mailing address and if you want a King Soopers or a Safeway Re-loaded gift card (or both!).  The gift card is pre-loaded with $2.50 on it and the card number is directly attached to EHS PTSA.   


A few tips:

You can load money on the gift card at the customer service desk at King Soopers OR at the register (prior to the cashier scanning your items).  At Safeway, you reload at the register-- ask the cashier!

Always leave a some money on the card; if the card has a Zero balance for a couple of days; it will “turn-off”.

Yes -- these gift cards can be used at Loaf/Jug for gasoline or at Safeway for gasoline.

IF you are already using a grocery card for another cause-- consider getting a second card for another family member, a new driver or grandparents.  


Thank you for supporting EHS PTSA!

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