September Minutes

September Minutes


EHS PTSA Meeting minutes

September 12, 2017


Meeting was called to order by President Amy Saxton at 6:04pm


Welcome and introductions


Principal’s message

  1. parking
  2. stadium effort (Cougar Athletic Initiative)
  3. building student culture
  4. DEN
  5. later start time


Discussion regarding revenue generation for PTA

  1. spirit wear
  2. bake sales
  3. would like to get more member and parent involvement


Board member needs:

  1. Treasurer
  2. Vice President


Additional Support/Committee needs

  1. Website Support
  2. Spirit Wear
  3. Membership and fundraising
  4. Teacher Appreciation
  5. After Prom
  6. Senior Sendoff
  7. Help as needed
  8. Nominating Committee
  9. Audit Committee (Betty Hays volunteered)


Vote on Officers

  1. nomination of Crystal Mancini to serve as Secretary by Betsy Hays and Christina Seaman
  2. vote passed


Discussion on student piece of PTSA

  1. Eligible for scholarship with membership
  2. Student Senate interacts with PTSA


Motion to adjourn - Steve McGee 2nd Jill Athenour

Motion passed

Meeting adjourned 7:10 pm






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