October Minutes

October Minutes


EHS PTSA Meeting minutes

October 17th, 2017

Meeting called to order by President Amy Saxton at 6:02pm

Presentation regarding start times by Pam

2 years ago, started doing research about high school kids and start times. Found that

teenager’s bodies not as capable of sleeping early and waking early. they do not have a way to

wind down as adults do.

American academy of pediatrics say that will start to see negative results the more teens are

expected to adhere to early start times.

● can zone out and brain is asleep because they need the sleep.

● Academically grades down

● emotional: depression, anger, aggression

● some teens will start to self medicate

Shared this knowledge with the school district that we need to get kids sleep earlier.

In 1996, a town in minnesota (approx the same size etc. as evergreen) implemented the early

start time for High School. They have 22 years of data:

● Suicide rate dropped, suspensions dropped to 0 in the first two years.

● Highschool kids came to school more alert, got in shape, nothing negative

● For elementary, more kids could attend full day kindergarten, kids got home earlier

In 2009 5 in minnesota schools changed to later start times based on data. In 2015 schools in

Seattle shifted. In 2017 Cherry Creek shifted.

Survey was sent to parents in Evergreen and had about 2000 that responded, many in favor of

later High School start time.

Talked with EPRD about the shift in time and being able to help with increase in child care need

beforehand after school

Holdout is transportation. May see a switch in the way busing is done in the mountains.

will let us know in the next 2 -3 weeks what the news is regarding start times

Many would like to see this rolled out next year.

Principal’s Address (delivered by Amy Saxton)

some parents contacted PTSA for help with stress reduction and some programs to help


not holding school responsible for mental health of students but looking to offer programs to

help and to address the issues with students at evergreen. there are limitations and challenges.

School is committed to addressing this issue.

Principal wants to build a feeling of belonging for all students at evergreen.

things in place already:

DEN- able to focus on academic success, help with academics

Link Crew - ongoing system of mentoring between freshman and upperclassmen

Program being adopted by athletic programs to identify stress and help with general mental


evergreen rotary - will sponsor students to be able to train in mental health first aid.

morning meetings - a place for kids to meet and discuss issues

doing a lot but also looking to groups like PTSA to help deliver programs that may help with

mental health and belonging

Looking into a couple of programs a semester

encourage parents to get involved and help educate parents on what they can do to help and

what to look for

might form a committee to help look into what we can provide as a PTSA as far as programs?

Look into having programs that have two parts one where they talk to parents and to students.

PTSA Business and News

Donni Reyes has resigned as treasurer for the Evergreen High School PTSA

Stacey Farmer has been nominated to serve as treasurer

Also, Christina Seaman nominated to serve as Vice President

Motion made by Phyllis to accept the nominations for both Christina Seaman and Stacey

Farmer. Seconded by Rochelle.

Motion passed unanimously

In need of volunteers for audit committee

Crystal and Johnnie volunteered

Old bookkeeping system is in need of an update. Would like to update to online QuickBooks

subscription at $20 per month.

Motion made by Christine to update to online QuickBooks subscription at a cost of $20 per

month. Seconded by Jill.

Motion passed unanimously

Motion to approve the meeting minutes from september made by Rochelle. Seconded by Cindy.

Motion passed unanimously

Need to raise money for after prom. Decision made to run a check writing campaign.

January timeline to get letter out.

Spirit wear

done all online get 10% back

need to guarantee 50 items

Limited sale period

will get approval by Principal Brekke

Need to change the link on the website, possible something that scrolls across

Timing? Possibly by November 1st

Decals? Car Magnets are about $1.00 apiece

Need to put additional info on the PTA website. can we switch to a quick link. update site with


PTSA discussions concluded

Meeting adjourned 7:40pm

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