November Minutes

November Minutes


Meeting Minutes

Evergreen High School PTSA:  11-8-2016

Present: Rita Rice, Amy Saxton, Christine Emery, Melinda Gale, Katie Christiansen, Traci Tucker, Eva Ladow, Jill Athenour, Deborah Cota, Alice deBloois, Risa Holmes, Beth Kapner


I.  Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 9:05


II. Approval of Minutes  from 10/11/2016:  Approved


III. Confirming Jill Athenour as VP- all approved.  


IV. Bylaws Approval- The Committee has met and at last meeting, presented updated bylaws.  They have been simplified and cleaned up.  One key item is the reinstatement of the  Executive Committee:  Pres, VP, Secretary and  Treasurer – The Executive Committee, can meet and approve items in off meeting times, don’t have to always engage the entire membership.   Move to accept the new Bylaws: All in favor, none opposed.  Melinda will send in to Colorado PTA.


V. PTSA Committee reports:

a)    Finance Report – Donni not here, nothing to report.  Not currently spending any funds.


b)    Membership: - with Jill actively recruiting and the website we are up to 110 members.  That is close to last year.  Hopefully we can exceed.  We have 1100 students, 700 families, how can we continue to grow?  Questions if we have hit up last years members.  We have tried several times, still ½ have not signed up again. 2 issues, people feel they have to volunteer, need to reiterate that while we need people to volunteer, what we really need is Members.  Also, people cannot remember if they have signed up. Maybe send current list of members out and include link for people to go to if they see their name is not on the list. 


c)      Parent/community engagement committee- summary from October Event (Alice deBloois)  This was a great event, very well received, great feedback. Mr. Brekke spoke at the beginning, then there was a panel discussion.  About 35 people attended. Look at next one in January/February time frame.  


d)     Teacher Appreciation committee – Charlotte Wetzel not here, they are still determining the purpose/goal, review of mini grants.  Also looking at some new things: possibly an annual teacher award. Look at ways to keep community engaged.  


e)              Student recognition and engagement committee – Amy Saxton.  Try to ID some of what       we want to do with that committee.  Already determined: After Prom, Legacy Wall, Senior Memory Boards, and Senior Brunch things we have done in the past. But looking to see how we can serve other grades, not just the seniors. Amy held a volunteer kickoff meeting to discuss ideas.


e)     After Prom (April 29th)– Discussion.  Had lots of discussion about what is the purpose, what is a reasonable amount to spend, how to raise the money, who attends, what has been successful in the past and what has not worked.   After much discussion and ideas, felt like we need to do something, but does not necessarily have to be as expensive as in the past:  Beth Kapner to talk to Wulf Rec center and get idea of availability and cost.  She is also talking with the Student Senate to get their input. Rita will talk with Wild Game to see availability and cost. 


VI. Counseling Office Update: Tera – College and display wall as of yesterday, ready to start on the display wall.  

Senior college application update: By November 1st, had 400 transcripts processed.  55% had applied to at least 1 school.  Deadline for CU -November 15th and CSU – December 1.  Issue in getting teacher recommendations, for teachers this is an outside activity.  Takes time, cannot write letters for all students.  Important  for students to understand what you absolutely need. 

Sophomore night in January.  Would like to get current College Students(former EHS students).


VII.  Meeting Time/Day for Second Semester-looking at moving to Thursday morning.  Will send out specifics.


Meeting Adjournment: 10:35

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