Minutes - May 10, 2016

Minutes - May 10, 2016

APPROVED Evergreen High School PTSA:  May 10, 2016


General Meeting –Auditorium

Present: Rita Rice, Betsy Hays, Brandon Brekke, Ryan Alsup, Alicia Witt, Wayne Bernardo, Annie Hunter, Michelle Woodward, Phyliss Ewing, Ashley Bradsby, Kristine Stump, Jackie Gardner, Donni Reyes, Melinda Gale, Brenda Jensen Belrose, Eva Ladow, Mary Tribby, Beth Kapner, Jill Athenour, Lisa McLagan, Karen Messler, Amy Saxton, Laura Johnson, Julie Maus, Cindy Senege, Rose Ann Harris, Christine Harris, Renee Brown, Nancy Ortiz, Maria Toleque, Annie Coppock, Rochelle Gatt

 Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 8:10

Summary of Ryan Alsup/Dan Cohan Presentation on the new bell schedule:

Dan and Ryan thanked everyone for coming out, and they really appreciate the passion around this issue.  They realize there are many studies which indicate that earlier start times for high school students have many adverse effects. 

The basic bell schedule we have been following has been in effect since 2003.  The change in the bell schedule has been an issue for a few years, but was really brought front and center after the floods in 2013 when EHS was the only high school in the district that missed days, when we applied for a waiver for the missed instructional minutes, the State more closely scrutinized our Access time.  It became clear that the Access time did not meet the requirements for instructional minutes, without that we found we were 90 minutes a week short of meeting the state requirements.

Several workarounds have been attempted to meet the state requirements, without changing the actual school start time. Last year some additional minutes were added, but this was not enough to meet the requirements.   This year the seminar was added which we felt would meet the requirements without requiring the students to be physically in the school; however, even that was not meeting the requirements without having teachers assigned to those sessions.  This was cost prohibitive.  (Originally teachers volunteered for this assignment, but that was not a long-term solution.  Dan/Ryan encourage PTA and other Parent Groups to continue to look for a better solution for the students, but EHS has to come up with a plan that addresses the instructional minute requirements as they exist at this time.  Dan/Ryan have been working with Jeremy Felker at Jeffco School District and suggest he could be a starting point for the parents as well.  Also encourage us to go to the Jeffco School Board and/or State.

Earlier this school year, a Bell Schedule Committee was convened to examine and make recommendations on our current school bell schedule. This important work was based on several factors, including meeting Colorado State requirements for instructional minutes as well as efforts to best meet the educational needs of all students.  After considering these and other factors, the committee has created a new bell schedule that will be implemented for the 2016-17 school year. In addition to bringing Evergreen High School back into compliance, we are confident that the new bell schedule will provide the best educational environment possible while meeting the academic needs of all students. There could still be a little deficiency for the seniors due to the graduation schedule, that is not addressed here.

The committee decided to keep our current modified block format, with all 7 periods meeting on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays and block periods on Wednesday and Thursday. We will have classes daily from 7:30-2:30. For those of you who ride the school bus, our buses will drop off at 7:15 and depart at 2:36. Many of our buses already follow this schedule. Wednesday mornings we will begin the day with advisement. Advisement is a required class for all students. Attendance will be taken and grades will be issued. Advisement replaces the long access. Students will be able to see their teachers for help, make up tests, etc. You will receive more information about Advisement prior to the start of the next school year.

Parents’ Issues and Concerns:

First and foremost the issue of high-school students starting early is a major concern by major medical studies, universities and associations.  It is proven the high school students perform much better and have less medical and emotional issues with the later start times.  EHS already starts pretty early, at the least we do not want to go backward and start even earlier.

The school has known about this for several years and have been looking for solutions. It has been discussed numerous times in the PTSA meetings as the administration has tried to find a good solution. So far there just is not one. Some parents only recently found out and they wish they had had more time to mobilize activities sooner including going to the District and/or the State. 

One of the major issues is transportation (busses) but it does not seem like that should prohibit us from doing something that is going to benefit the kids.  However, Ryan pointed out that this is a constraint, because of the staffing issues in the transportation system.  They have worked extensively with the head of West Area Transportation, Josie Gallagher at transportation to see if they could come up with some creative solutions, to no avail.

Julie Maus has approached the PTA’s at Bergen Valley and Bergen Meadow to see if there was a way to move start times for those schools earlier and move the high school later.  They are open to the discussion.  It was asked, can we get another waiver.  Ryan said the school has already been granted all they are going to get.  Ryan and Dan mentioned that you have to get input from the whole school.

Other concerns from the parents: 1) The instructional guidelines are based on a law that is over 100 years old, we need to look at all the new information and technologies that we have today.  2) Why is there a correlation between time spent in the classroom and successful education.  We are a Blue-Ribbon school with a proven track record of success and yet we have been operating on the current schedule an instructional minutes for the last 13 years.  That should provide evidence that minutes in the classroom are not what define success. (As a side note, Dan mentioned that this is something the district as a whole is working on, but looking at instituting changes when current 7th graders get to high school, details of this discussion will come out at a later time. )  3)  How much time are we using for Standardized Testing.  Even though we have reduced that from last year, it is still time that kids are not getting actual instructional time.

Bottom Line is that school has to move on their solution to meet the current requirement.  Parent Groups feel this is very important and will continue to look for solutions through various means as mentioned above.

April Minutes (4/12/2016) - Approved

Nominating Committee: Amy Saxton (Nominated on April 12, 2016)  Approved as Incoming PTSA President for 2016-2017


Other Officers: Donni Reyes nominated for Treasurer, according to the bylaws we can approved her nomination today as the board seat was vacant.

Rita Rice nominated for Secretary last meeting approved in April.

 All approved, none against, none deferred.

Treasurer’s Report – Budget for next year.  Currently are spending more than we make. Amy – general overview - plan to increase revenue $2800 next year.  Increase  membership dues to $25, do a letter campaign.  We have $10,000 carryover but that will be eaten up in 2 years, if we keep on the current track.  Karen, all revenue in for the year, $3000, mainly in grocery  cards.  This year we were down $4k  (Not including carryover.)  Not many donations. 

Expense, (see next year budget.)  Reduction in the number of line items.  (Moved After Prom party to bottom, since it is a self-funded activity).  -  Once the final numbers for after prom are in, the event will be reviewed. Will continue to next year, but being realistic, trying to increase revenue and/or reduce expenses .

Diversity Day/Parent Education, may try to mix it up next year to reach a broader audience such as Bringing in individual speakers possibly during Access.  Reduced the budget for senior lunch, since only impacts one class.  Look at programs to serve teachers, parents and students. 

Move to approve 2016-2017 budget, Melinda moved, and Karen Second.  Approved.  Move to website for review.

After-Prom – Juniors and Seniors – Big Success

Participation:  255 most students stayed until 1:30 am- a complete summary is attached.  Great recap, Please read.

Diversity Day Wrap Up - The reviews were great. We are still tallying survey results. Thanks so much to all of the PTA volunteers, especially Alice de bloois. We couldn't have done it without the amazing support from PTA. We had representatives from several schools attend. Conifer and Standley Lake are looking into having their own diversity days.

Other Business - Suggestion to set up a new committee, under PTA for Drugs and Alcohol education, bring in speakers.  Kristine Stump and Renee Brown to head this up.

Mini-Grant Request from the College and Career Center

Michele Yeager -  Applying for a mini grant to update for College and Career Center  Notification Board.  Would like for a new display case that is a visible and reflects what a blue ribbon school should be.  The goal is to have the information accessible to parents and students.  Promote the activities of the Center:  What schools are coming and what is due, also promote where students are going. Estimate from facilities is  $1,000.  Are asking PTA for what we can provide (Mini grants is typically $300-$700, but we can vote for higher)  Motion from the floor to grant the $1,000 needed  Roseanne motion for  $1,000  from mini grant to fund this.  Kristine – second.  Approved

Adjourned  (unsure of time, we had a couple of interruptions for fire alarm)


EHS After Prom Event. April 30 2016 REPORT

Time: 11:30PM - 1:30AM last call 2:00AM doors locked

Location: The Wild Game

excellent choice due to:

Evergreen location

1 stop venue with Games, Activities, Bowling,

Staff to service event, set up and clean up

Food prepared on-site


Goal this year was to gain participation and have EHS students stay longer.


Strategy Everybody's a winner program. Go to after prom and Win, Win, Win

Engage students as they enter the venue

Participation: 225 - most students stayed until 1:30AM

Event: a parent volunteer was the MC. He ,with a partner holding the prizes, wandered

around the venue with a live mic. He would ask questions about staff, EHS sporting teams,

Arts programs and/or academic questions. They also asked students to sing key songs from

shows EHS put on. Upon completion of the stand up performance or answer the student

would be given a prize.

Some challenges were presented to students, ie shootout at the basketball hoops, the winner

would be given a prize.

2 additional parent hosts were also going around giving away prizes for answering key



The prizes were given out from 11:45PM - 1AM.

Prizes- Resource community partners to give many prizes to hand out at the event, ask parents

to donate prizes


Creative Elements

• Developed by Lisa O'Hearn (son class 2017)

• Highlighted prizes

Promote the give-a-way items thru word of mouth and promotional pieces at EHS

• Hung in bathrooms, locker rooms, senior hall and key locations

• Talk to Senate and Seniors to help promote event


Volunteers. 10-14 volunteers needed

2-3 for Senior Boards set up (the senior roast and toast committee)

4 at the entrance for check in

2 needed to support clothes check

3-5 are wandering hosts


2016 Costs

Postage & letters $ 375.00

The Wild Game $6500.00

venue, food, games, staff

Incidentals $ 250.00


TOTAL $7,125.00

Bus from prom location to After Prom

We did not do a good job promoting the availability of the return Bus.

33 prom goers road the bus from the prom to the After Prom location

only (1) Bus was needed.

A communication plan needs to be developed to engage student use of the bus.

The EHS senate and After Prom committee needs to work in tandem.


2017 Bus Recommendation

• Promote Bus availability on tickets

• Define the information about Bus availability on the Prom website

• Promote Bus availability on flyers and posters in-school

• News blast to Senior & Junior parents about Bus availability

• Lastly do a word of mouth campaign

2017 Payment/Fund Raising Recommendation

• The After donations line item on the 2016 Fall district fees needs to continue to be used

• A letter campaign in March 2017 to build up the budget should be addressed


Payment for vendors

Begin working with Sandy Wright immediately after Winter Break

There are dates in play at Jeffco that need be addressed

There are many different processes in play with the district.

example last date to ensure payment for school year is 4/15

After that may not be paid until July or August

To be sure vendors are paid on time pay a deposit 30 days prior to event from Jeffco

fees collected. Let the letter campaign PTSA funds be used to pay remainder

PTSA treasurer needs to give a monthly report of funds raised by Jeffco Funds and letter




The Wild Game has a back lot and the ability to use 2ndary lot. No problems.

Alcohol was a non issue. Could be due to the fact - Key Parents of the "party kids" we're

chaperons. No alcohol checks were done, we did not see that it was needed. We had

volunteers (pairs of parents) walk through parking lot periodically. Students were escorted to

cars if they needed.


No EHS STAFF was needed. The principal and vice principal showed up.

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