Minutes - EHS PTSA Meeting September 13, 2016

Minutes - EHS PTSA Meeting September 13, 2016


EHS PTSA Meeting September 13, 2016

 Attending: Amy Saxton, Rita Rice, Donni Reyes, Alice de Bloois, Alexandra Davis, Eva Ladow, Mary Tribby, Melinda Gale, Lee Ann Prunty, Bonnie Lisle, Jill Athenour, Kristine Stump, Christine Emery, Rochelle Gatt, Susan McDonald, Betsy Hays, Tera Koentges, Suzanne Brown, Peter Jeans, Maria Toleque

  1. Call to order: 9:00 
  2. Approval of August 2016 Minutes: Motion, Kristine Stump, and approve Alice de Bloois.
  3. Finance Report – Donni Reyes:  Membership dues are still coming in, paypal has 4% fee, then it will transfer to us.  A financial audit is required.  We are a little late to complete this year.  Kristine Stump volunteered to complete the audit.  Big thank you to Kristine for stepping up. 
  4. PTSA Committee Reports or Updates

a. Membership – Amy Saxton - We are using Nationbuilder as our webiste and email tool.  We have 74 members so far.  A little behind from last year.  The next big push will be at parent/teacher conferences.  Amy needs help with membership and web interface and email.  Amy is figuring out the ins and outs.  For next events, need signage, would be good to have a banner.  Even though it is easy to sign up online, need to have paper forms for those people that want to sign and pay on the spot. We still have some emails from previous events that have not signed up. Another suggestion, Email paper form to all last year’s members. 

b. Parliamentary Special Committee – Melinda Gale and Amy Saxton – The purpose of this committee is to look at bylaws.  Need to define who we are and what we do.  The committee is still need to working to articulate that succinctly.  Looking at structure that allows more flexibility so we are not defined by a list of programs, but leans to being more audience oriented.   The committee is working on  a draft.  Anyone who would like can participate. The next meeting is this Thursday, September 15th  at 7:45. Contact Kristine Stump for details.  Amy attended the fall training for state PTA.  There should be a Board of Directors, with specific responsibilities.  The EHS PTSA rolls between BOD and general membership has not been well defined in the past. With new members and leadership, it is a good time to take a fresh look, articulate our mission/vision and enhance communication at the school. 

c. Education ad hoc team – Rochelle Gatt & Kristine Stump – Alice  deBloois also joined committee.  Designing a new type of evening general meetings, more of a program that will hopefully engage more parents.  Looking to provide more relevant info, and environment where attendees can get to know each other.  The first date is October 26th there will be a principal update and i panel with counselors to talk about trentd in the community.  Also looking to have one in January and one in the spring.  The evening  laid out with  a specific itinerary, but not overload with too much information, just make it relevant.  Limit it to 3 this year, will see how it works. 

5. New Parent Breakfast recap – Rochelle Gatt-  will work to put together an action form used to evaluate if we want to do these type of programs again.  Good turnout, at least 120 people.  Very good feedback.  Some just dropped in.  Very appreciative of school involvement, it was their suggestion to hold it on the field, an they helped set it up.  The counseling staff appreciated the time to spend with the new parents.  Ideas for next time:  Get on the school calendar early (starts in May), also have PTA sign up there.  

5. ACTION ITEM: Appointing “Appointed Officers”

a)  Parlamentarian, Melinda Gale

b) Liasion with accountability committee.  Mary Tribby

6. EHS Staff Updates

a. Principal’s Update –Provided by Brian Jesse.  Assistant principlal student service.  He

recently was the coordinator of student services for  Littleton Public Schools .  He started out as a school counselor.  He has 4 kids.

-District Levels update- regarding the bond and mill levy updates on ballot in November:   What that means for EHS 1)Athletic field upgrades and renovation. 2) Interior finishes and upgrades 3) Address safety and security issues. 

-The District is Planning on all middle schools to migrate to grades 6-8.  Evergreen is  are already at that, and it has proved successful.  Help to alleviate grade school overcrowding.

-Busing, is a challenge due to lack of bus drivers.  This is impacting sports, field trips and other extracurricular activites.  The 1st priority is to get kids to and from school.  They are trying to hire more bus drivers.

-District advisor group consisting of parents, teachers, students and community members devising a  10 year master plan for EHS high school.  Today, Evergreen high school is a strange design, they feel it is “backwards” and does not flow well.  Looking at ways to improve on the design and flow.  Not sure what would that mean., but want to think big and see where we get.  Jesse and Brekke  are part of the group. 

-Back to school night, rescheduled due to Wilmont’s schedule at the same time.  Look to avoid scheduling conflict in the future.  

-Homecoming week next week.   Cougar bubble soccer on Sunday, it is a band booster fundraiser.  Should be a lot of fun.  Kids can get together to from teams to compete in “body bubbles”.  Tuesday night Volleyball at home against Conifer.  Wednesday,  Seniors and Juniors girls will compete on an obstacle course (replace Powder Puff football.)  Bonfire scheduled for Thursday.  Friday is early release (busses on normal time)  for the carnival. Football game Friday and Saturday is dance.

-Advisement –  Wednesday morning new structure due to need to increase  instructional minutes.  Students now have to check in to their assigned room for 15 minutes where attendance is taken,  when bell rings at 7:45 students go to where they need to go.  Even open gym, library.  This is also a time where class meeting and assemblies take place.  They are getting a lot of feedback, the main concern is the scheduling of other activities at this time.  This has traditionally been a very useful time for teachers to hold review sessions prior to tests and for students to make up tests and work due to absence.  The students really need access to the teachers during this time.  The school will continue to evaluate and make adjustments as we go along. 

- Mr. Brekke wants to transition announcements to a video announcement   Mr. Spears to head this up. Putting word out to students that have interest/talent in this area.  Plan is to start 2nd semester – January.  They do  this at middle school. 

- New website, how do we pass on suggestions? Email Margie and/or Dan Brooks.  One need is a search function. Mr. Jesse said that is and easy change and will do that right away.

b. Counseling Office Update – Tera Koentges : New counselor: Christine Chaykowski: covers L-Z for Seniors and Sophmores. The Freshmen counselors are going to 9th grade study halls.  Working with students on the transition to high school, how they fit in, how to communicate. Rory and Kristine help sessions for seniors last week, both in the morning for the students and in the evening for parents and students. Handed out senior folder, had information as well as transcripts. Walked through the process and how to use Naviance.  There is a concern from some seniors that they are not able to get their letters of recommendation.  Some teachers have set a limit, due to time constraints Talke with the counselors if you are having trouble getting these.

.  Take advantage of resources in the college and career center.  Have information about visits from colleges and college fairs.  Encourage underclassmen to start looking at options early.  M. Yeager has a big book on all times of scholarships.  Can come in to the office and look through it. .  Big college fair at Lakewood High School on 9/29.  Starting in October (one day a week the seniors come to college and career centers. )  Will send out the date. 

-SAT and ACT schedules.  SAT April 11 (State test)  All dates are on the website under Counseling. EHS is a testing center for national SAT.  Have to sign up through college board. 

-October 19th test fest at EHS.

-Study skills, last year Sycamore Learning.  Ran a session last year with focus on freshman.  Good feedback, evaluation at end.  One  4 hour day.  Set it up again for October 17th and October 21st.  All grade levels after school.  Test taking techniques and strategies.  $60/student.  Will get information out soon.

7. Education Foundation, celebratory event, to bring the community together.  October 1st at Wild Game.  PTSA is looking to work together with the foundation

8. New Business: Just a quick note on the  3A/3B Ballot measure.  The Jeffco PTA has endorsed.  We are not taking a position, but encouraging people to get information.  The Evergreen Chamber is hosting a town hall on September 27th at 7:00 PM to talk about that and other ballot measures that impact us.  They will discuss the county commissioner race and how important that is for us, since we do not have a Mayor.  Amy noted that she is exploring ways we can work with other mountain area PTSA groups. This could result in another information session.

  1. Meeting Adjournment: 10:30am

Next meeting Tuesday, October 11, 2016-9:00am


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