Minutes - EHS PTSA Meeting October 11, 2016

Minutes - EHS PTSA Meeting October 11, 2016


 Evergreen High School PTSA:  10-11-2016

Present: Rita Rice, Amy Saxton, Rochelle Gatt, Kristine Stump, Charlotte Wetzel, Risa Holmes, Mary Tribby, Alice deBloois, Karen Messler, Donni Reyes, Jill Athenour, Melinda Gale, Brandon Brekke


I.  Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 9:00


 II. Approval of Minutes – Kristine made motion to approve 9/8 minutes, second Donni- Minutes Approved.


III. Finance Report:  Donni Reyes

            a) Review: Income: Membership is down, currently have 86 members.  Have received $2,150 for dues, budget is $2,800.  Income from King Sooper and Safeway is $1,2564 so far.  Expenses: $1,200 so far including Tuscany Food for parent teacher conferences, Dues to the Colorado PTSA.  Renewed insurance, $240 due November 1st.  Check to go out today

            b) Audit: Submitted: Kristine, Jill and Alice.  A couple of findings: Recordkeeping, have to reapprove if amount changes.  We need to use expense request/voucher forms provided by Jeffco PTSA.  Donni will get forms and put them on our website.  All checks need to have two signatures, in the case that one of the checks is to one of our two signors, we need to have a 3rd approved singor.  We signed up for a Bankcard, but the National PTA recommends against using one. The State and Jeffco PTA recommends that if you do use the bankcard, you must have stringent requirements.  Donni is looking at defining the process that will allow us to use the bankcard.  In the end we discovered that the Bankcard would need to be written in to the bylaws.  The team just put together and published the bylaws.  We decided it was not that important to our operation and decided NOT to use the bankcard.

            c) Other Items: We have been paying a lot to have taxes done.  Ours are not that complicated, we qualify for simple request form.  Plan is for Donni to do these, does not feel like it would take a lot of time.  Has to be done by December 31st.     

d) Overall Revenue discussion.  We are low on membership.  We have some opportunities coming up to get additional members, the parent/teacher conferences on Thursday. Jill will set up table and create a sign and handouts for conferences with a clearer vision of what the PTSA does.  Also look at having options at the upcoming evening meeting on 10/26.  Brandon also mentioned an opportunity at the evergreen Showcase event put on by the school on November 3rd.  The school/community is invited to this event.

e) After Prom- This has always been an event funded and organized by the PTSA.  Brandon commented on how well done it was last year.  He would really like to see that again this year.  We have a problem with the funding.  In past years, an optional Fee for afterprom was on the Jeffco Statement at the beginning of the year, which helped us raise about half of the needed funds. ($4,500 last year). The Financial Secretary this year said that was not an appropriate option, so it was not on the statement.  This is looking to be a problem, not sure how to makeup those funds.  Amy is working with Brandon to look at alternatives, possibly a portion of the ticket prices.  Or maybe we could get some sponsorships.   


IV. PTSA Committee Reports or Updates:

            a) Membership- Any Saxton-Discussed with budget(see above)

            b) Parliamentary Special Committee – Gale/Saxton- Bylaws update. It is a requirement that Bylaws are updated every 3 years. Amy, Melinda, Kristine, Alice (Ashley Bradsby also contributed). Not a lot of changes, but worked to make it more generic to allow flexibility. Found out that dues need to be written in Bylaws. Would like to have a cap and not an exact amount, i.e.  Not to exceed $25 dues, Bank card would require to be put in bylaws.  Permanent positions need to be written in, that also defines the Board of Directors.   Appointed positions can be added/changed as needed. Rewritten bylaws need to be submitted back to Colorado PTA. 

Open positions and suggested people to fill them: Accountability Liaison-Mary Tribby, Legislative Chair-Open( PTA Advocacy at district and state level).  Vice President. Student Enrichment & Recognition Chair-Jill Athenour. EHS Foundation Liasion –Kristine Stump. Student Enrichment and Recognition Chair: Open – would like to get  a chair to get things moving on this.

c) Education ad-hoc Team-Set for Wednesday 10/26 at 6:30 pm.  Topic is:Parenting High Schoolers, 4-5 people have already signed up.  Will put a membership table up.  Do we have social media?  Amy will look in to it.  Idea to have a panel (Brandon do to a principals update).  Panel, with social workers and counselors. 


V. Action Item: Appointing “Appointed Officers”

            Motion for the following: 1) Principal:  Brandon Brekke 2) Parliamentarian:  Melinda Gale 3) EHS Foundation Liasion:  Kristine Stump 4)Accountability Liasion: Mary Tribby 5)Teacher Appreciation & Support: Charloette Wetzel 6) Parent & Community Engagement Chair:  Rochelle Gatt:  Jill, nominated each of the above,  Rita 2nd.  Attendees Approved.



VI. EHS Staff Update

            a) Principals Office:  Brandon. 

- Advisement-they have evaluated how it has been going.  The 1st 15 minutes too long before being dismissed. Starting this week, will scale to 8 minutes.  If the student comes in after the 8 minutes, need to check in at the front desk.

- Strategic Planning - Unified Improvement plan (UIP).  This year they are putting more time and effort to make it a meaningful school improvement plan for the year and subsequent years.  Some of key focus items, quantifying school performance targets and coming up with defined targets and action steps. Faculty buy in is key.

Brandon handed our the 2016 SPF (school performance Framework), this is a “report card” for schools.  Areas to improve, Low Particpation, we need to explain the value of not opting out of tests.

-Wednesday morning meetings – evaluated this, decided not to have as many, because need the time for students/teachers. Probably only hold them once a month.   Next one on October 26th.  They are going to share the performance data with the students (try to make it interesting), so they can have ownership.  Also, award first 1st Cougar CharacterAward  - focus on character, kindness and compassion.  Want to make a bid deal about this, announce at Wednesday meeting, also have a prize.  Will reinforce by putting it  in Friday announcement and on Video announcements when those start up next semester.


            b) Counseling Office-Tera.  This month, and first week of November:  Counselors are going to 9th grade study hall to work with students on goal setting and reinforcing the importance of GPA.  They will also be going to Junior classes and talk about college searching.  Junior parent night is November 2nd.  Sophmores have their CU trip first of November.  Showcase is on November 3rd (6:30)  Next week Monday and Friday, study skills workshop will see how it works out.  Set to do that again in April.  October 19th is testfest, Freshman – Junior.  Now that the SAT is the statewide test, the partnership with College Board allows for some free prep-students can take practice tests.  Also College Board – created with Kahn Academy, online partnership, that links the PSAT results and sets up a personalized study guide to concentrate on the areas they need the most.  Some kids may not appreciate the opportunity, but it is available.  Warren Tech, applications open on 10/25th (online application).  If you are at all interested, Apply in 1st open window.  You should apply early, and if you change your mind, you can always say now.  


VII. Other Items:

a.) Amy: Sending out note to volunteers to hold a meeting and see if we can fill some of the open spots. Will hold brainstorming session.   Would really like to get committee chairs assigned.   

b.) Kristine: Foundation, $37,000 from fundraiser.  The Foundations is starting to explore how to  best use funds, is there a need to spread beyond the high school?  Exploratory.

c.) Concern about meeting time on Tuesday mornings.  Several conflicts.  We will continue to look at this and maybe adjust next semester.


VIII. New Business:  Melinda Gale nominated Jill Athenour to fill the Vice President Position.  Rochelle Gatt second.  Will post on website and then vote at next meeting (after 30 days).


 Meeting Adjournment: 10:35

Next meeting: Tuesday, November 8th at 9:00am

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