January Minutes

January Minutes


EHS PTSA Meeting Minutes:



Present: Rita Rice, Amy Saxton, Rose Ann Harris, Kristine Stump, Tracy Hawkins(EMS PTA President), Rochelle Gatt, Alice de Bloois, Beth Kapner, Melinda Gale, Franziska Moran


  1. Call to Order: 8:35am


  1. Finance: Amy Saxton- (Donni took a new job and may not be able to make many meetings, but she is still serving as treasurer)  Financials were handed out.  Couple of highlights, we are very close to meeting our King Soopers shopper cards goal (there was an additional KS $1500, in box today.)  However, some of the other items we were hoping to get revenue from, are in doubt. Several line items from School Fees, are no longer available to us.  Also, with the letter writing campaign where we hoped to get general funds as well as after-prom funds, will probably not materialize since we will be focusing on the after prom.


  1. General update: Amy – Board of Directors met in December we focused on a couple of tasks: what are the programs we are going to do to 2nd semester.   We used 1st to get things in order.  We don’t have many volunteers, we need to be realistic about things we will take on.  We feel like we have a commitment to: After-prom(if we can get funds), senior lunch, senior boards, community event(s), and the Legacy wall.


  1. Next Community Event: Alice and Rochelle suggested showing the “Screenagers” Film.  Melinda saw it last night in Lakewood and felt it was really worth while. It was one of the suggestions brought up at last meeting – addiction to screen time. Coordinate with Middle School PTA, so we can get good attendance.  There is a $500 license fee.   The tickets are sold online, after the $500, the proceeds are split. Get the word out, encourage parents and kids.  Tentatively set for Tuesday, February 28th.  Need to work out the logistics: date, time and venue. The school musical will be going on at that time.  Encourage drama dept. to pitch the musical at the screening. 


  1. Teacher appreciation: Will provide meals for Spring parent teacher conference.  Brandon agreed to sponsor PTA membership for all teachers.  We will work on promoting the mini-grants to the staff. 


  1. After prom party: After much discussion, we realize that we need to have the funding to even consider this, but we really would like to do it.  Sent out letter to all Senior and Junior parents asking for money and volunteers. Based on the expense and the heavy reliance on volunteers, we felt that it was not just our decision, it needed to be a consensus from the community.   The letter stated that we need to raise $8500 and get 20 volunteers by 2/28.  If we cannot raise that much money, then Wulf Rec Center is certainly a possibility.  Beth Kapner talked with Wulf and go an idea of cost and the types of activities that are available. She discussed this idea with the Student Senate and it received a warm reception.  But it will take a lot more planning, organizing and parent volunteers. By the next meeting on February 16th, we should have a better feel for which way to go. 


  1. Senior Lunch: Jill reserved the Lakehouse. The date is May 17th.   Jill was not available, but Rita thought that Jill also was researching the cost and source for the “Senior Board”, Rita will follow up with Jill, if she is not pursuing that, Rita can do that. Senior Boards are picked up in early march. When they are returned, they are displayed before after-prom, show at after-prom and brought to the Senior Lunch.  A good idea to put a little label on the back i.e. “courtesy of PTSA”. Betsy Hays is doing legacy wall. 


  1. Nominating committee: Melinda Gale.  Looking for volunteers for the committee.  The committee is just needed to identify people to find PTSA Board Members for next year.   Would like to get a diverse group and propose a new slate, Vice President and Secretary in March.  Hoping that Amy and Donni can continue in their roles for one more year.  Several people volunteered for the committee.  In addition to Melinda: Brandon Brekke, Rose Harris, Alice deBloois.


Tracy Hawkins (EMS PTA President) Invited us to come to the middle school PTA meeting on  Wed, Feb 8th at 9:00am.  Rochelle will go represent PTSA.  – Get word out about the PTA at the high school.


  1. Principal Review:  Brandon, busy time of year, 3 major things:  enrollment predictions, feeds budget, course planning.  Propose 3 new courses for the next year: 1) EHS TV – a broadcast journalism, including a studio and equipment. Video announcement on webstie and to kids.. 2) Outdoor recreation and leadership class – Ali Myers, would include things such as CPR and rock climbing skills. 3) Intergrated science class (increase options for students). Over course of 2 years. This course fulfills college science requirements and is supported by the district.


Student Senate sponsoring a boy in the Make a Wish Foundation.  Goal was to raise $2,500.  They are doing a great job of involving the students and have come up with some creative ideas.  Had a Miracle Minute, where they passed around a bucket.  On Friday, they are holding a “Quarter Stall” where the students bring change to class, and class cannot start until the teacher counts the money.   Saturday, January, 28th they will host a Winter Informal Dance at the EMS gym.  Scheduled to have a good DJ, blacklight, a lot of fun for a good cause.


Bring attention to some nice cosmetic improvement: mural and painted baseboards in gym.  Old yearbook pictures, framed and displayed on walls.  School store, revenue for DECA and business program, district said we cannot keep revenue from school store.  Driven by federal regs. (food and nutrition). 


Enrollment for next year – choice not looking likely to take many this year.  Large incoming 8th grade class.  Question, is the high school ready for this large class.  Because of the size of the class, they faced difficulties in middle school.  Want to make sure they have the teachers, lockers, desks for these kids.

Budget is looking good.


Friday messengers are well done, they are short to the point and consistent.  Very good way to get information to the school community.  Thanks to counselors. 


Adjourn: 9:40

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